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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mission Complete (^o^)

Once in blue Moon. Sorry for not updating the latest news from Our side. AlMost one 1 week of duit raya collectinG season besides reading the pocket notes purposely preparing for final examination. Back to the business, hurray!!!.. After having a short meeting with project committee, we have declared that our mini wireless zone implementation is closed officially last week. I wanna take this opportunity to thank all the participants for actively participate either directly or indirectly during the course. On behalf of project committee, I appreciated for the warming participation from all of you. So, what we r going to do now is, we wanna improve and add on some of the requirements for the public to view the feedback, project expenses etc. Perhaps, it will give crystal clear view on what we have done so far after implementing the project. Untill we meet later. tunggu.....

Best regards,
Project Manager XOXO!!!

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