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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Project Galleries (O.O)

Hye guys!! Here, we wanna share with u some of da snapshots taken during da mini project wireless zone implementation. At first, we will start da slideshow with da first pictures taken at Laman Najib FTMSK with da theme on that day was Academic Time. Secondly, da pictures taken at Chansellery Park with da Leisure Time theme.. It was so GREEN~~
Sit back, relax and enjoy!! hehehe~

1. Laman Najib FTMSK

2. Chansellery Park

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Ashrufzz said...

My gf (a masscom student) shared the Maxis 3G Wireless with her friends in Kolej Melati. The connection was sometimes good, sometimes bad but at least she's connected.

Anyway, I'll have another post on Celcom Broadband on my blog. Let you all know about it once I've finished writing.

All the best!