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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Project Analysis

For today's updates, we would like to show some details explaination of data analysis based on primary resource which is short questionnaire given to the respondent.

Figure 1: Sample of Short Questionnaire

Figure 2: Feedback Analysis

In addition to that, we have visualized the data gathered in the form of bar graph. Below are graphs obtained for each of the questions:

Graph 1: From Question 1 (Do you own a personnel computer / laptop?)

Graph 2: From Question 2 (Is your laptop having a built-in wireless application?)

From the first and second questions, we could say that most and all of the participants own a laptop themselves. Mostly today, each laptop will be equipped with built-in wireless application and devices ready instead of having to rely on external devices to install the wireless application. With this fact, these participants are already in the final phase of just only receiving the internet access anytime soon.

Graph 3: From Question 3 (If so, have you ever used the Maxis Wireless Community till today?)

Graph 4: From Question 4 (What do you think about the program above? Does it help you at all?)

From the third and fourth questions, it is obvious that majority of the participants have already been using the Maxis Wireless Community that are being implement. In fact they still are using that program till today as a medium for connecting to internet zone. This indicates that the program brings a lot of satisfaction and benefits to them as shown in question 4 where most of them says that the program is excellent and really helps them in their daily life in terms of internet access and facilities.

Graph 5: From Question 5 (In what aspect does the program above helps you? (You may thick more than 1 answer)

Graph 6:
From Question 6 (In your own opinion, does the implementation of Wireless Community here in UiTM really satisfy your need to have a good internet facility?)

From question number 5 and 6, it shows that with the implementation of the Wireless Community, these participants can use the internet effectively where majority of them choose that they dedicate most of their internet usage through academic times that includes surfing journals and articles, taking notes and get others academic resources.

As conclusion, most of them feel that the implementation of this program really and brings a lot of benefits to them where 26 participants chooses to say yes as their answers. Hence, we would rather say that, we have achieved the Project's MOV.