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Monday, September 24, 2007

Project Progress - 12th Sept (Stepping Stone)

On 10th september we have received a good news regarding on Maxis CyberlinQ 2007 Competition. Once again we have been selected to continue our project to second phase and we will receive RM 1K..hurray!!! (perhaps, going to spend for the project. hehe..).

On 12th september, we had our first meeting in Lab 13 at our beloved faculty with our supervisor Cik Rashidah Rawi.

From left:Norman, Azim, Peos, Faiz, Asrar, Khai

To begin with, we have to choose a few places for our mini wireless zone implementation. We decided to setup Laman Najib (in FTMSK), Chancellery's Garden and Delima Cafeteria as our stepping stone of actual implementation.

We are going to setup the mini wireless zone by using hardwares as follows:-

1. Maxis Broadband High Speed Internet Access
2. D-link High-Speed 2.4GHz wireless router
3. Laptop (preferrable)

Lastly, prays for the success dudes @};-----

Best regards,
Project Manager XOXO!!!


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