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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spend da money

Hello guys!! Nothing much to upload today's report on this blog. However, we can't wait to face this weekend to accomplish our next mission!! Phase 2 is kinda cool because we are going to implement the next wireless zone in the pool!!. Believe it or not? Just believe it.. Our group motto is:-


Huhu~ Wait n see ya!

Actually, we have received our RM 1K yesterday evening at non-official ceremony from our supervisor Cik Rashidah Rawi. Thanks to MAXIS for giving us a chance to serve the community. We try our best to reach out the community. God willing, amin...

On this evening after finishing our thesis class, we have a chance to go to Master Prima Enterprise which is situated in UiTM Shah Alam to book a banner for this MBC project. By tomorrow evening we can have the banner hanging up in our mini zone area.. So, watch out u guys in UiTM Shah Alam.. Here we go!!!!

Targetted shop found!! (Master Prisma Ent.)

Peos, Norman and Faiz are busy with the attacking strategy

to produce final banner's design (Mission Accomplished!!)

Best regards,
Project Manager XOXO!!!

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